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This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have.

Simply login with Goooffer.com & Click on “Store” of Navigation panel. After clicking on Store, it takes you on “All Stores” page where you can select your favorite store like Amazon, Snapdeal, Biba etc. By clicking On it. 

Now you are in your selected store page at Goooffer.com, here you can see all deals & coupons of that selected store. You can see Categories and Subcategories Panel on left sidebar. Select categories and subcategories on that selected store, automatically you can see all filtered result of that store. Hear u can select your product and services as per you  selected categories & buy that on an reasonable price & discount with extra cashback. 

Simply log in to Goooffer.com and Navigate “Categories” on navigation panel, you can also search categories on search Bar on Navigation panel. After clicking on Categories, it takes you on categories page, where you can find list of coupons & Deals. 

You have see Store and subcategories filter panel on sidebar of page , you  can select Subcategories and store as per your choice, All  Deals & coupons are automatically filter as categories & store vice. You can select by this result and buy that product & Services by clicking on it. 

  1. Refer & Earn Is a Program on which you can share your Goooffer with your friends and family and earn cashback reward on your Goooffer E-wallet. 
  2. You can share your app link on any social media platform like facebook, whatsapp, twitter. 
  3. Simply Login and go to Refer & Earn section on dashboard. You will see your total reward status and total no of friend whom you were send your referral link. 
  4. You will receive Rs.20 reward and your friend get Rs 50 as per term and conditions. 
  1. Missing cashback is those cashback which are not tracked & reflect on your dashboard. i.e. when you buy any product or service on which you will been get cashback, usually it takes up to 72 hours to track and reflect an transaction on dashboard but you find that there is no cashback received to you, & it has already been 72 hours, you can create an missing cashback claim. 
  2. Login on Goooffer with your username & password, if you don’t have account you have to signup firstly. 
  3. After login, Click on dashboard of login icon placed on navigational Pane, it takes you to dashboard page. 
  4. Click on missing cashback section, you can see all detail of your missing cashback 
  5. For creating claim, click on “claim missing cashback” Button on right side of page on missing cashback section. 
  1. Through payout section on dashboard you can withdraw your reward. 
  1. You have two method to use your cashback and reward 
  1. On Gift voucher/Wallet 
  1. Bank Transfer 
  1. Gift Voucher/Wallet: – You can use your Cashback & reward on shopping on any of your favorite store. 

Simply click on E-wallet section and fill form and make us request. It takes 10 business days to approve your request. Gift vouchers will be emailed to your registered email. after that you can purchase on your favorite store. 

  1. Bank Transfer: – you can send your reward and cashback on your bank account, go to bank transfer and request us, Bank details available at the time of withdrawal will be considered final. Its takes 10 days to get approval of your request. 

You can also see your whole transaction history and detail on payout section.

  1. This Section is similar as dashboard section a major difference is that you can sort your transaction history and click history as per store and date vice, also you can search your transaction and clicks history 
  1. That entire amount on my earning can be transferred to your bank account as hard cash. You may also redeem cashback for gift vouchers from favorite stores. 
  1. When payable Amount is withdrawn, that entire withdrawn amount is shown in claimed section. 
  2. Log in on Goooffer, go to dashboard by clicking on dashboard on profile icon, you can see claimed section on dashboard. 
  1. All the amount of cashback which are payable to you is shown on this section. 
  2. After login on Goooffer, go to dashboard (for reaching to Dashboard section you can see above) ,On Dashboard Section you will see payable.
  3. All validated cashback amount which is approved for pay you are shown here it includes You refer & earn reward. 
  1. Validated is a feature on which you can see the amount of transaction which is approved for cashback 
  2. After login with your Goooffer account, click on profile icon placed on top right corner of navigation panel. Click on dashboard, it takes you to dashboard page. 
  3. You will see a dashboard section on dashboard page. on dashboard section of validated section on which your total validated amount is shown. 

You Can Track all Your Transactions that is Already made through GooOffer website/ App.

Follow These Steps To Use Track Function:- 

  1. If you want to check your tracked transaction, you should need to login on Goooffer. 
  2. Go to cashback dashboard from your profile icon. Click on dashboard section of cashback Dashboard. 
  3. You can see track All Your transactions and Cashback amounts on dashboard section. 
  1. You can see many function on dashboard section like your transaction detail, clicks details, Tracked, validated, Payable, & Claimed 
  2. Transaction detail: – All that transaction which are done by you through us, are shown here. 
  3. Clicks Detail: – All your clicks on our site, are shown in this field. 
  4. Tracked :- you can see total amount of transaction which are tracked  
  5. Validated:-All transaction which are  which are valid for cashback are shown in validated 
  6. Payable: – Those transaction which are valid for cashback, and amount of cashback which are payable to you are shown in “payable”. 
  7. Claimed:- All earned amount of cashback which are withdraw by you are shown in “Claimed” 
  1. Login on Goooffer.com with Your “Username” & “password”. If you don’t have Goooffer account, then you need to create account that we have already discussed above. 
  2. After the successful login you can see all your cashback status like tracked, validated, payable, claimed.
  1. Create account at GooOffer.com or Login Using Your User Name or Password. 
  2. Login with your Gooffer “Username” & “Password” or by your Facebook & Gooogle+ Account. 
  3. Goooffer will open with your account, click on Dashboard of Profile icon placed on navigation panel of Goooffer. 
  4. After clicking on dashboard, it takes you to cashback dashboard page where you can see all detail about transaction, cashback, earning, your profile and many more features. 

GooOffer Cashback Dashboard is an Organised Panel that allow to Access your Transaction(Track, Validate, Payouts, Cashback Claimed), Profile ManagementMEarning, Cashbacks and you can also contact With Our Support Team for More queries here. 

Follow simple steps as below to earn extra cashback;

  1. Login to our website & select your choice of coupon / offer
  2. Click & visit store to redeem the coupon or avail the offer
  3. Place order for the item/service as usually.
  4. Your cashback will be tracked and updated in your dashboard within 72 hours
  5. Your cashback will be updated as payable within 90 days from transaction
  6. You can transfer your earned cashback to bank account or redeem for gift voucher.

We hate to attach terms & conditions, hence, we request you to take care of following for smooth cashback tracking and redemption.

  • Login to your account on our website before clicking on any coupon / offer.
  • Add products / services in cart only after you visit store by clicking any link from our website.
  • Place order in one session without visiting other website
  • Do not use any other coupon code apart from what’s mentioned on our website
  • Do not use Ad blockers/ browser extensions as they prevent tracking of cashback or sale.

No, the cashback / reward in your account never expires. It’s your money and you can withdraw / redeem it anytime.

No, there is absolutely no cost or fees applicable to withdrawing your balance.

Earn cashback upto minimum threshold for withdrawal / redemption.

When your cashback exceed the minimum withdrawal threshold, you can redeep it by;

  • Cashback – Bank transfer and Gift voucher
  • Reward – Gift voucher from your choice of store

It takes upto 3 business days for us to process redemption request.

Depending on the mode of withdrawal / redemption, the minimum amount is set to:

  • Bank – Rs. 1000
  • Gift Voucher – Rs. 1000

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